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Mental Health

Claro enterprises offers a work experience doing ‘real work’ for people with mental health conditions. We call this work therapy.

  • Clients come to Claro to work – we aim to keep people occupied in meaningful work at all times. Whilst everyone is capable of different levels of work everyone who comes must commit to participating
  • All of clients are part of our Social Enterprise, each of their contributions sustains work we do and creates more support for other people Being part of our enterprise provides meaning to the work our clients do, Clients understand that Claro Enterprises is paid for the work they do, we believe it is important that they understand this
  • Having regular times of work, breaks and responsibilities helps clients maintain structure in their lives
  • Encouraging and supporting clients to try new tasks develops skills, confidence and self esteem
  • Working alongside other people with a range of experiences creates friendships and support networks without pressure

Who are our clients?

Clients have a range of backgrounds – married, single, accountants, artist, carpenters, parents, soldiers, brothers, sisters.

For various reasons they have found themselves under the care of mental health services.

We work individually with each client – identifying their interests and skills and finding a way of utilising these. We are able to provide different levels of work for all abilities, and aim to train and build confidence with practical skills.

We have a supported environment where clients can carry out meaningful and fulfilling work that benefits them and the local community. We are part funded by North Yorkshire County Council and by selling our products and services. The Clients are the heart of our charity, we are run by them and for them. We could not continue without their efforts.

If you have a mental health condition, or know someone who could benefit from a structured activity in a supported environment we would be pleased to speak to you.

You can refer to Claro through a GP, or the Community Mental Health Team, or if you are not sure how to go about this please contact us.

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