Light Assembly Outwork

Claro Enterprises provides Light Assembly Outwork in the form of a flexible, cost effective and reliable light and sub assembly service for local manufacturing businesses. We take the strain out of your assembly and packing headaches by by offering a range of outwork to suit your needs and time scale. These include:

Light Assembly outwork

Let us take the strain out of your assembly and packing headaches

  • Print Finishing
  • Counting and Collating
  • Bar coding
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Sealing
  • Picking and Packing
  • Bagging
  • Assembling of components
  • Direct Mail Assembly




Claro Enterprises have a wealth of experience in light assembly and contract packing, particularly in the jewellery, fancy goods, gift, accessories, clothing, toy, bicycle and electrical component market for companies in and around Yorkshire.

Light assembly outwork

Experienced in light assembly and contract packing

After contacting us, we will provide you with a quote and time scale for the job within 24 hours.  For complex work we prefer to see the components before we provide you with a quote but for repeat business or more simple work we can provide a quote on the day.

You deliver the components to our Harrogate workshop and we assemble within an agreed time frame.  You then pick up the finished, counted products on an agreed day.

We are also able to do corrective and Re-work of products.


Call us on 01423 885 879 to discuss your requirements or let us know your requirements by email at

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